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I happen to have written a screenplay in which the protagonist undergoes this exact transformation, and it happens to be really good.

So…does anybody want to buy it and make it into a movie?

do you use any other psychedelic stimulants? what are your thoughts on them, also?

thank you, kindly.

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I think psychedelics are fascinating and powerful tools that can reveal essential truths to those who approach them mindfully and productively, but they can also be damaging to those who are more reckless. And I think that individuals with particularly fragile psyches should proceed with particular caution, or perhaps refrain from experimenting altogether. Anyone who is considering trying any substance should do their own research, draw their own conclusions, and follow their own instincts.

I am personally very interested in indigenous shamanic practices involving psychedelics, or entheogens. (The word “psychedelic” means “mind-manifesting,” whereas “entheogen” was coined to mean “that which causes God to be within an individual.”) I would love to try ayahuasca in Peru or Brazil someday.

(I actually just finished a draft of a screenplay I’ve been working on, the premise of which involves the ritualized consumption of magic mushrooms. I’ve sent it to a few friends and am waiting to find out whether they think it’s good or if it’s stupid and ridiculous. Ed is the only person who has read it so far, and he says it’s good and not stupid or ridiculous, but he is my boyfriend and neither reads nor writes screenplays, so…)

I also tried Salvia divinorum once.