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I’d probably be more impressed by Colorado’s natural scenery (and cannabis) if I didn’t live in California. But Colorado is currently home to the cutest puppy in the world, and also Ed’s brother Brad and his wife Rebecca, so that makes it worth visiting.

We camped at Lake Granby and hiked past Monarch Lake to Cascade Falls. Nine miles was a little much for Yeti, who is barely four months old, so she needed a quick nap at the falls before we turned around.

My little sister is a married lady! The wedding doubled as her farewell party, since she moved out of our parents’ house in New Jersey and into her new flat in London almost immediately afterward. Lots of emotion, excitement, and charming British accents!

Ed and I went backpacking with Jack in Point Reyes last weekend. It was our first time backpacking, but we only had to hike a mile and a half to Sky Camp, so it was fairly easy. (Before we attempt any more serious backpacking trips, though, I will definitely need to build up some muscle and also visit a chiropractor.)

On Sunday we drove and hiked all over and saw tule elk and lots of elephant seals. And then we went to Cafe Reyes for pizza, beer, and chocolate cake.